JBL 222HP cinema speaker systemJBL 200 Series two-way ScreenArray cinema loudspeakers are aimed at small and mid-sized cinemas, enabling them to adopt next-generation technologies for improved coverage and smooth sound reproduction. Featuring Dual Dissimilar Arraying and Acoustic Aperture Technology, the 200 Series continues the JBL’s cinema audio tradition, combining a compact design with the latest technology.

‘With smaller rooms becoming more popular, cinemas need to give customers a captivating and accurate audio experience from every seat in the house,’ says Harman Professional Solutions Cinema Solutions Manager, Dan Saenz. ‘The 200 Series helps small and medium cinemas provide a great sonic experience at every seat, offering next-generation technology for improved coverage and exceptional performance for raked seating configurations. With the release of the 200 Series, we are thrilled that cinemas can now upgrade to industry-leading ScreenArray technology at an accessible price point.’

JBL’s patent-pending Dual Dissimilar Arraying design combines two asymmetric high-frequency drivers in tandem, making it possible to sculpt the geometry of modern cinemas. While traditional configurations require three-way loudspeakers to achieve this level of performance, Dual Dissimilar Arraying creates coverage patterns specifically designed for raked seating in modern cinemas. And with the 200 Series, simultaneously lowers the total costs of ownership of such a system.

The JBL 200 Series also includes Acoustic Aperture Technology that works in conjunction with its low-distortion 15-inch driver. The integrated Acoustic Apertures create a horn-loading effect, helping to maintain a wide horizontal coverage pattern through the crossover range while improving speech clarity.

Key features:
· Two-way Next Generation ScreenArray design.
· Patent pending Dual Dissimilar Arraying Technology.
· Coverage pattern for raked seating areas.
· Extends HF output power and pattern control a full octave in both spectrum extremes.
· Patent pending Acoustic Aperture Technology .
· Enhanced mid-range performance for a smooth crossover transition.
· C211 and C221 use same HF driver as 7-Series Studio Monitors.
· Passive crossovers and DSP in the amplifier require one amplifier channel per speaker for most of the line.

The JBL C211 will begin shipping in May 2017, and the remaining 200 Series ScreenArray loudspeaker models will be available in Summer, 2017.

More: www.jblpro.com

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