L-Acoustics’ X SeriesL-Acoustics’ X Series is a new line of coaxial speakers, offering a short-throw point-source systems for installation and rental applications. a true point-source system, boasting pristine sound for short throw applications. Its three new enclosures represent the most recent engineering innovations at L-Acoustics, and directly benefit from the R&D that led to the launch of K2 in 2014.

The X Series brings improvements in high-excursion neodymium drivers, ellipsoid directivity, laminar vented ports and up to 30 per cent weight reduction over comparable cabinets. Used as a stage monitor, the X Series offers low latency presets and a seven per cent lower profile. In installation applications, it offers a range of flexible rigging accessories and a RAL custom colour programme

The X8 is the live monitor of the X series, with a high SPL and extended bandwidth for operation at FOH position or in control rooms. Its wide conical directivity pattern imparts a sense of spatialisation, with no minimum listening distance.

The X12 can cover multiple applications in rental and installation. An ellipsoid directivity of 90° x 60° makes it adaptable to FOH application. The X12 comes with a complete range of rigging accessories and RAL colour programme for application versatility and integration.

The X15 is the powerhouse of the series, with exceptional power in beamwidth and acoustic isolation. Its na40° x 60° directivity gives it immunity to feedback, making it suited to stage use. Low in profile, light in weight, rugged in build, the X15 boasts integrated risers allowing it to go from 35° to 55° for maximum versatility.

‘The challenge in creating the X Series was to bring all of the experience we gained in designing the K2 to bear on a new series of reference coaxials,’ says Christophe Combet, Head of Acoustic & Instrumentation. We optimised the design, ergonomics, acoustical performance and weight. We used new carpentry techniques to optimise internal volumes, maximize bass and eliminate vibrations, designing a new, aerodynamic form with a slender, low profile that gives a profound feeling of power.’

X Series is offered as an addition to the ultra-compact fill 5XT launched in 2013, and will ship in Q4 2015.

More: www.l-acoustics.com

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