Danley SBH-10Danley has released the SBH-10 Skinny Big Horn, using its Paraline technologies in a passivecolumn speaker format.

The SBH-10 uses eight 5-inch coaxial drivers, and acts as a single large Synergy Horn with claimed directivity of a horn over 25 feet long with a coverage pattern of 140° x 10°, and frequency response of 77Hz-15kHz (±3dB).

‘Danley’s new Skinny Big Horn series meets the aesthetic desire for a low-profile column shape,’ says Danley Sound Labs President, Mike Hedden. ‘But shape is where the similarities between conventional column speakers and the Danley Skinny Big Horn end. Using our patented Paraline technology, the SBH-10 has the directivity of a 25ft-long horn, yet it is only nine inches deep. Moreover, due to horn loading, the SBH-10 has a sensitivity of 99dB, which is 10dB greater than similar sized cone-loaded products, and because it has such a high power handling rating, is capable of close to 20dB greater output when compared to similarly sized, front-loaded designs.

‘The Danley Skinny Big Horn is a technological leap: no spurious lobes, forward directivity that other manufacturers can only dream of which allows it to even be flown away from a boundary, extremely tight vertical coverage, wide horizontal coverage, and – most importantly – audiophile fidelity. If all that weren’t enough, the SBH-10 requires only one amplifier channel and no special signal processing.’

More: www.danleysoundlabs.com

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