EAW has launched of the first two loudspeakers in its next-generation ‘Avalon by EAW’ line of dance club systems.

Avalon by EAWCo-designed by dance club designer/owner John Lyons – whose Avalon Hollywood club is a regular venue for international DJs – the new speakers follow the late 1990s collaboration that produced the original line of Avalon loudspeakers. Avalon by EAW is being tagged ‘a radical departure from all previous dance club loudspeaker systems’ and aimed at the design-conscious dance club market.

The products being released include the Club.two and Club.three. Each is a three-way system using a horn-loaded, ultra-efficient, coaxial mid/high compression driver. The Club.two includes four 12-in LF cone transducers mounted in a vertically and horizontally symmetrical pattern and axially aligned with the mid/high section. The Club.three uses a single, ferociously powerful 15-inch LF cone mounted in a triaxial configuration behind the mid/high section.

In both cases, the symmetry allows for the application of slight mid/high delay to produce an apparent point souce origin. EAW has used a similar technique in a single plane across their product range for many years, and Avalon by EAW takes the technique to a new level of output and performance.

‘This absolutely sets a new standard for club sound,’ Lyons says. ‘Beyond the power we’ve gotten from the new generation of components, the symmetry gives these systems an unprecedented level of clarity. The sonic imaging is simply amazing.’

In addition, Avalon by EAW takes a new look at fit and finish, being available in a range of colour and finish options. While base-level products can be ordered in traditional, textured black paint, customers must specify the powder-coated grilles in Siren Red, Medallion Gold, Starlight Sparkle Silver or Machine Grey. The horns and a surrounding trim piece may color match the grille or may be Piano Black. ‘There is no such thing as a ‘standard’ Avalon by EAW,’ Rocha says.

Beyond this, customers can upgrade to a high-grade, automotive finish for the enclosures, choosing from Piano Black or Polar White.

Lyons and EAW have decided to set a high bar for access to them, requiring a design proposal to be submitted and approved before an order can be placed: ‘The point is to ensure the every installation is an absolute gem,’ Lyons explains. ‘If you think you’re ready to step up to this level, talk to EAW. But know up-front that if you’re going to use Avalon by EAW, you’re going to do it right.’

All design proposals will undergo review by EAW’s Application Support Group (ASG). Proposals can be submitted as anonymous venues, ensuring confidentiality to the club design community. Each proposal will receive a registration number to track the project as it proceeds. As necessary, ASG will recommend revisions to the design proposal. After approval, customers can select their colors and place their orders, including the project registration number. EAW will check the order against the registered proposal to ensure that all necessary equipment is included. Once the installation is complete, ASG will inspect the installation and assist with the commissioning process.

‘When the system is installed and commissioned, we’ll present the club with a plaque, stating that it is Avalon Certified,’ says EAW President, Jeff Rocha. ‘It’s the closest thing pro audio has to a velvet rope. It may sound hokey, but that club – the club of Avalon Certified venues – will be as exclusive as, well, as an Avalon Certified club.

‘Once again, John Lyons has helped EAW go to places we never thought we could go,’ he adds. ‘Not only do the loudspeakers reach a new level of performance, power and clarity, but we’ve developed fit and finish techniques that put us on a par with luxury automobile manufacturers.’

More: www.eaw.com

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