Studiomaster is showing sound reinforcement and A/V installation speakers in its new Acoustic Image Distributed Mode Loudspeakers range at Namm.

Acoustic Image6The Acoustic Image4 and Acoustic Image6 (passive) and Acoustic Image4A and Acoustic Image6A (active) Distributed Mode Loudspeakers use the latest NXT technology developments and manufacturing advances,to offer flat-panel speakers in large-format, low-profile reinforcement formats.

With their unique dispersion characteristics, the Acoustic Image Distributed Mode Loudspeakers claim to outperform conventional enclosures in commercial and architectural audio, A/V installation, and small- to medium-scale and portable PA applications – also in multi-speaker applications.

The Distributed Mode performance characteristics offer promise advantages over conventional cabinets, reproducing a diffuse soundfield that is virtually omnidirectional across the its frequency range, resulting in a clear and identically balanced signal, regardless of listening angle. Acoustic Image installations and reinforcement systems offer an optimum solution where the prime requirement is for even audience coverage, in terms of both spectral balance and loudness.

The Acoustic Image4 and Acoustic Image6 enclosures provide up to 114dB and 116dB SPL, respectively and measure 555mm x 402mm x 80mm and 555mm x 755mm x 80mm. Small mathematically positioned exciters generate bending waves across the entire surface of a stiff panel membrane producing the unique Distributed Mode response. In the active versions, 100W amplification provides an integrated reinforcement solution. Phono, XLR and 3.5mm jack input connections are included.

All models can be wall mounted using M6 fixing holes, or pole mounted for free standing applications. Removable vinyl overlays allow the display of images, design or commercial information on the front of the panels – well suited to use in exhibition, retail and other commercial or enterprise environments


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