Void Acoustics has added the Venu 208 subwoofer to its Venu V2 loudspeaker series.

The company reports a growing demand for a versatile, low frequency compact speaker solution that shares the specifications of the larger Venu speakers but is presented in a flexible, smaller unit. The new subwoofer incorporates all key elements of the Venu V2 range in a compact enclosure suitable for multiple applications – including bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants and lounges.  

Venu 208 subwoofer The product inspiration was driven by the North America team who used previous design knowledge to steer the sonic characteristics and design aspects from the start of the R&D process.

‘We knew there was a market demand for this type of enclosure – smaller and more compact, but with the recognisable and exceptional audio quality of a Void product,’ explains Void Acoustics Head of Sales, Mike Newman. ‘We designed the product specifically with low SPL applications such as restaurants or relaxed bar settings in mind. It needed to be inconspicuous but still pack a punch in terms of the audio delivery.’

The Venu 208 offers flexibility for smaller and more intimate venues and even domestic settings. It is designed to offer ease of installation in a wider variety of places including under-bench, on-wall or on-ceiling. It can be placed flush against a wall due to its recessed rear connector. Very high efficiency transducers mean that, at 300W, the loudspeaker can be driven from a single channel on the Void small Bias Q1 amplifier, also keeping the cost of powering the product modest.

‘It’s very simple; the Venu 208 will be used where we had no suitable product before,’ says Peggy Fleutot from Musique Industrie Développement (MID), Void’s French Distributor. ‘It means that we are now able to install bass units under benches in cafes. It is thin enough to be almost invisible. Our customers are looking forward to this product and we already have many projects where it is at the heart of the specification.’

High levels of interest, and pre-orders have resulted in initial production runs being increased by more than 50 per cent to meet initial demand. ‘We’ve had a great response from our dealers and distributors around the world, and we are very confident this will be a popular product going forward,’ Newman confirms.

More: www.voidacoustics.com

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