Biamp has moved to streamline integrators’ use of the Community IV6 Modular Vertical Array with the release of VenuePolar, an Ease Focus plug-in that automates loudspeaker system design.

‘With a nearly infinite number of possible configurations available when designing a modern line array, determining the optimal one is time-consuming and immensely challenging for even the most experienced system designers,’ says Biamp Executive VP of Corporate Development, Joe Andrulis.

Biamp VenuePolar‘VenuePolar automates the process and removes this burden from system designers. VenuePolar quickly evaluates the nearly limitless options to find the one that best meets the designer’s objectives to give perfect audio in a fraction of the time, every time.’

Part of Community’s I Series premium performance indoor/outdoor loudspeaker product line, the IV6 Modular Vertical Array is a scalable, flexible sound reinforcement system. IV6 offers two cabinet choices (5° or 15° vertical angle) and has 55 response shaping filter options within the Passive Acoustic Optimization (PAO) settings found on the rear of each cabinet. The VenuePolar Ease Focus plug-in simplifies the current workflow with automated features that eliminate the lengthy manual adjustment necessary to fine-tune the array. VenuePolar helps system designers quickly and easily determine the recommended cabinet quantity, model, frame angle, and splay angle for a venue layout and determine the PAO settings for each cabinet, reducing thousands of possible setting combinations to a single press of a button in the software. The plug-in also includes a mechanical loads and safety factor calculator.

VenuePolar enables users can improve speed, efficiency and accuracy of implementation, while ensuring better uniform coverage and confidence that the audio design will satisfy customer expectations.


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