DirectOut Madi.9648DirectOut has released the Madi.9648 sample-rate converter, targeting  environments requiring bidirectional low-latency conversion of 128 audio channels between 96kHz and 48kHz.

Equipped with eight Madi ports the device provides four independent SRC blocks for bidirectional conversion of 128 audio channels. A 1 FS Madi stream with 64 audio channels is converted into two 2 FS Madi streams with 32 channels of each. Similarly, two 2 FS streams are converted and combined into a single 1 FS stream.

Madi.9648 features six BNC ports. Two optical SC ports extend the connection scenario for 1 FS signals. This enables easy integration of external equipment with most recent live consoles working with 96kHz processing. With the plug-and-play design of Madi.9648 there is nothing to adjust – a fixed signal routing and automatic signal detection of frame format and channel mode facilitate the installation.

While many live set-ups aspire to operate at 96kHz throughout, in practice there is often mix of different system components running at 48kHz and 96kHz. Madi.9648 addresses audio network conflicts.

‘The Madi.9648 offers quite a bunch of nice features in one device,’ says DirectOut Sales Manager/CEO, Jan Ehrlich. ‘Of course, the focus was the exchange and the processing of audio signals at a very low latency especially for live applications. Thanks to our development team we achieved this target with a round-trip latency of only eight samples (1FS-2FS-1FS). At the same time, the product has a quite reasonable price point, especially when considering having a format converter at the same time. Furthermore, the compact design saves a lot of rack space in the flight case while combined systems need more RU space.’


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