Digigram LX-IP PCIe soundcardDigigram’s LX-IP PCIe soundcard provides a bridge between a host PC and the  audio-over-IP world, enabling a migration to IP, secure content delivery with the same latency as digital audio, and interoperability with other audio protocols.

Intended for high-density audio production and automation applications in radio and TV broadcast studios, the LX-IP PCIe soundcard makes it possible for users to record and play as many as 128 audio-over-IP Ravenna/AES67 channels simultaneously in and out of a desktop computer. The soundcard offers a very-high channel density (up to 256 channels) with very low latency (down to one audio sample per IP packet) and is phase-accurate, supporting straightforward migration of the studio to IP.

Boasting ultra-low round-trip latency down to 3ms, interoperability with all AES67 requirements, an embedded 128 x 128 switching matrix, Grandmaster PTP clock abilities, and high redundancy assured by two Gigabit Ethernet connections, this hardware enables broadcasters to maintain high-performance, regardless of the computational load presented by other applications running on the host system.

More: www.digigram.com

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