Yamaha has added the SWP1 to its line of plug-and-play network switches designed specifically for installed and live sound networking. The unit offers simple DIP switch Dante optimisation and is configured via a comprehensive graphic interface with a Windows application.

Yamaha SWP1The SWP1 series is the first range of network switches designed and produced solely and specifically for professional audio. The switches simplify configuration by having settings for QoS, IGMP Snooping and other parameters pre-configured for optimum Dante performance. In addition, it is just as straightforward to set up independent VLAN domains to take full advantage of a network’s potential for handling StageMix or other smart device functions. Again, no prior knowledge is required, as the SWP1 series includes three VLAN presets that are selectable via DIP switch. There is also a User mode that allows for fully customised VLAN set-up.

A dedicated Yamaha Audio Network Monitor application for Windows computers provides a comprehensive view of the parameters required for Dante network management, including network traffic, switch status and individual Dante device information. It also monitors non-Dante devices on the network. Users can even take a snapshot of the normal network status and set an alarm to warn them if any parameters change, ensuring problems can be identified and resolved quickly and easily.

The SWP1 series is compatible with Dante-enabled products from both Yamaha and other audio manufacturers, making it an essential addition to any Dante audio network.

‘The convenience of audio networking has made it indispensable in a wide range of pro audio applications. The SWP1 series network switches were born out of a desire to give our customers easier solutions that they could operate with confidence, without the need for any special networking know-how,’ says Yamaha PA Department Manager, Ken Hiraoka. ‘It is a refined Yamaha solution, offering significant advantages for pro audio applications and is, we believe, about to start a small revolution in audio network set-up, monitoring, and operating convenience.’

‘The SWP1 series is ideal for audio engineers who may be new to IP networking, simplifying the optimisation of network configuration for Dante networks and configuration settings, while offering enhanced network status tools through its network visibility capability’, adds Lee Ellison, CEO of Audinate.

SWP1 network switchers will be available in Q1 2016 in three versions – SWP1-8 (eight Ethercon ports), SWP1-8MMF (eight Ethercon ports plus Multimode fibre connector) and SWP1-16MMF (12 Ethercon ports, four standard RJ45 ports plus Multimode fibre connector).

More: www.yamahacommercialaudio.com

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