Focusrite RedNet MP8R/D16R/D64R/HD32RFocusrite has added four second-generation models to its RedNet line of Dante audio-over-IP networking units – the MP8R eight-channel remote-controlled mic preamplifier, D16R AES interface, HD32R HD Bridge for Pro Tools and D64R Madi Bridge. Interoperable with all other Dante-compatible units, these interfaces are designed for live sound and broadcast applications, due to their power supply and network-redundancy, locking Ethernet connectors and compact form factor.

The new units offer features particularly applicable to broadcast, live sound/recording and system integration markets, where reliability is critical. Dual Ethernet ports fitted with locking Ethercon connectors are provided, with several operating modes including daisychaining and redundancy (confirmed by front-panel indicators). Two separate power supplies with fault detection capability are standard, with separate input sockets on the rear panel. Power failure is indicated both remotely and on the front panel. The modules feature a rugged, roadworthy exterior with maximum internal build quality, in a 1U rackmount form factor.

The RedNet MP8R is an eight-channel remote controlled mic preamplifier/AD converter, with redundant power and networking. Based on the RedNet 4 mic preamp and developed following approaches from leading international live sound companies, RedNet MP8R has a maximum input level of 28dBu, polarity invert, 20dB pad and dual input impedances. Each preamp feeds two channels to the network – one a direct feed and the other automatically DSP gain-compensated for a fixed signal level. The selectable input impedances (10kΩ and 2.4kΩ) are useful for controlling the load seen by the mic when running multiple preamplifiers in parallel. RedNet MP8R is priced atUS$2999.99.

The RedNet D16R features 16 channels of AES/EBU connI/O to a Dante audio network, with redundant power and networking for bridging between digital consoles, power amplifiers or any other AES3-equipped audio equipment and any Dante network. It supports sample-rate conversion (SRC) on each input pair, for instant operation with any AES3 source. Word clock and Digital Audio Reference Signal (DARS) connections provide synchronisation with a wide range of hardware, while SPDIF I/O allows the integration of equipment such as CD or solid-state recorders/players. RedNet D16R is priced at US$1999.99.

The RedNet D64R is a development of the RedNet 6 Dante-to-Madi interface, providing a link between any Dante network and any Madi/AES10 set-up, with redundant power and networking. D64R supports up to 64 channels of both coaxial and optical Madi interfaces, and is completely bi-directional, making it possible to use RedNet modules with a Madi system – or Madi with Dante. A sample-rate converter is included on each input and output, allowing bridging between Madi and Dante irrespective of the sample rate at which either system is operating. Word Clock in and out is also included.

The RedNet HD32R, a development of the original RedNet 5, is a second-generation Pro Tools bridge linking Pro Tools HD and the Dante audio network, with redundant power and networking. Up to six HD32R units can be used with a Pro Tools HDX system for a full simultaneous 192-channel I/O configuration. HD32R behaves as a conventional Pro Tools interface and can be used with both older Pro Tools HD systems and the very latest Pro Tools HD Native or Pro Tools HDX systems, and alongside existing Avid or Digidesign interfaces. The same network can connect RedNet interfaces with both Pro Tools and with other DAWs for flexibility.

For users who do not require the power supply and network redundancy provided by the new RedNet modules, the original RedNet 4 remote mic preamp, RedNet 5 Pro Tools bridge, RedNet 6 Madi Bridge and D16 AES models are still available at lower price-points than the new models.


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