The 4HM 64-channel Madi-to-multi-format AES converter, the MA64, and the Madi-Mon have both received significant firmware updates to allow them to be used in multiple market sectors. Both units are now fully compatible with 96kHz, 88.2kHz, 48kHz and 44.1kHz sample rates. Also, in a significant development, the MA64 and Madi-Mon are now compatible with both the legacy SMUX and newer High-Speed Madi protocols.

4HM MA64The MA64 is a compact 1U-high Madi to multi-format AES converter that is capable of accepting with both fibre and coaxial inputs. The device is unique in that it can present 32 pairs (64 channels) of balanced AES/EBU and another 32 pairs of unbalanced AES3-id simultaneously for connection into consoles, routers or any other AES compatible device. Madi loop-through connectivity allows connection to downstream devices. The MA64 also has sample-rate converters across all 64 channels as standard which, combined with the range of synchronisation options, makes the unit simple to wire into any existing infrastructure.

As well as being able to accept all of the listed Madi sample rates and protocols, the Madi-Mon can also monitor at each of the sample rates. The device retains all of the features of the previous firmware versions, including being able to interrogate the Madi stream itself, using the Madi data display. This provides detailed information, including Madi frame data, audio data and AES channel status bit information.

Visible monitoring is provided by 32 stereo-pair meters on the front panel. Each of these meters can be selected and presented for detailed visible monitoring on a pair of high-resolution bargraph meters in addition to audible monitoring. Responding to specific live sound requests, the new firmware also enables users to intuitively monitor individual channels rather than channel pairs.

Like the MA64, the Madi-Mon also simultaneously presents 32 pairs (64 channels) of balanced AES/EBU and 32 pairs of unbalanced AES3-id for connection to other AES-equipped devices and provides Madi loop-through.

Both units come as standard with a redundant power supply, as do all 4HM products.


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