Madi BridgeSolid State Logic has extended the feature set of its Madi Bridge, Madi-to-Dante IP Audio Network interface. Part of the company’s Network I/O range, Madi-Bridge reckons to be the first fully broadcast-ready interface between Madi and Dante.

Madi-Bridge provides an interface between a Dante IP audio network and Madi, supporting 64 channels per Bridge at 48kHz or 32 channels at 96kHz, with redundant Madi, IP Network ports and PSU. In addition to the built-in clock redundancy in Dante controller, the Madi-Bridge includes a pair of sync inputs for use as a self-redundant Dante Grand Master clock. The unit can synchronise to video sync, tri-level or black and burst, word clock, Madi or PTP network sync.

The unit also features a front panel headphone socket with level control and built-in headphone monitor routing to replace traditional patchbay routing and fault-finding functionality with equivalents in the IP audio domain. GPIO connections allow for transfer of tally info and switching functions across the network with the audio.

Other features include bi-directional 44.1kHAz/48kHz/88.2kHz/96kHz sample rate conversion and a new Split Mode, which allows the pair of Madi connectors to be used independently (rather than in their usual redundant mode) for bi-directional split/combine operation. This can be used in a number of ways, for example, two 32 channel 96kHz Madi feeds can be combined to form one 64 channel 48kHz Dante stream or an asynchronous, but same sample rate stage can be connected to multiple OB vehicles.

Other new features include a Lock mode, enabling an admin user to lock all functionality except the front panel confidence monitoring, and the ability to toggle the screen between Monitor Matrix view and the Channel Name of the device currently being monitored in Monitor Mode.

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