SymNet Composer v2A new release of Symetrix’ SymNet Composer open architecture design software for Edge and Radius Dante network audio DSPs adds workflow enhancements as well as natively integrating select Dante third-party hardware supporting AtteroTech unDIO2x2 and unDX2IO and Stewart Audio AV25-2 and NetAV 2x2 devices.

‘To my knowledge, Composer 2.0 is the first full integration of third-party Dante devices in our industry,’ says Symetrix Senior Product Manager, Trent Wagner. ‘Contractors can now manage an entire Dante-based system from end-to-end (remote wall box I/O, to DSP, to power amps) using only SymNet Composer 2.0 with select products from AtteroTech, Stewart Audio, and Symetrix.’

Remote control protocol now can be accessed via TCP/IP and TCP/IP string output modules, simplifying integration with control devices and increasing the number of compatible control systems (including projectors). Module input and output names can be automatically propagated to downstream modules, speeding and standardising the labeling process, and presets can now be created and edited without going off-line. In addition to more than 600 DSP modules already within the Edge and Radius system, a new Transient Suppressor DSP module reduces random transient noise (pen tapping, silverware clanking) for clearer conference audio. Further, a new trace Signal Path Forward feature now traces through all Dante transmitters and receivers that significantly reduces the time required to understand, follow, and troubleshoot signal flows within large systems.

SymNet Composer 2.0 is available for free download.


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