TV and radio systems specialist GatesAir has released what it believes is the first end-to-end, interoperable solution for transporting AES-192 signals over IP. The development reckons to provide broadcasters with cost-reducing means of moving audio and all associated data as a digital composite stereo signal – a seamless migration from legacy analogue connections.

‘Broadcasters are interested in the higher quality audio signals that AES-192 transport can achieve, as it eliminates analogue conversion processes,’ says GatesAir Chief Product Officer, Rich Redmond. ‘We [have] the industry’s only solution to reliably carry a complete bitstream coming out of the on-air processor and packetising it via IP, all while applying forward error correction and redundant streams.’

The solution uses the Intraplex IP Link and Flexiva FAX exciter, giving an end-to-end architecture for next-generation digital signal transport. IP Link is the first codec to support AES-192 transport over the network, using all available networks to ensure audio and data reach their destination intact and without interruption, feeding AES-192 streams directly into the FAX exciter for over-the-air delivery. This eliminates additional processing stages at the transmitter site, allowing broadcasters to safely move those components back to the studio.

The GatesAir solution works with any of three on-air processor systems (Omnia, Orban and Wheatstone) to deliver stereo composite baseband over AES-192.

The end-to-end connectivity of the solution offers broadcasters a high-quality digital link that supports high-speed AES-192 transport – typically 4.5MB/s per stream – which requires a robust solution to ensure successful delivery.


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