With the launch of Lyra, Prism Sound aims to expand its user-base among musicians, composers, project studios, DJs, re-mixers and audio content producers such as radio and podcasting.

Prism Sound Lyra recording interfaceBased on the Orpheus interface Lyra comes in a number of variants beginning with Lyra 1 and Lyra 2. Both incorporate new ARM Cortex-based Xcore processor design offering class-compliant USB interfacing, plus DSP and a low latency ‘console-quality’ digital mixer for foldback monitoring. Both products also have optical SPDIF capability and Lyra 2 also supports Adat.

Lyra 1 targets the musician and project studio market with two analogue input channels – one for instrument/line and one for mic/line – plus two D/A output channels and optical-only digital I/O.

Lyra 2 offers two A/D input channels with switchable microphone, instrument or line input modes and four D/A output channels. Both optical-only digital I/O and copper SPDIF are available on this version of Lyra, which also offers word clock I/O enabling synchronisation with other digital devices.

Both unts are ergonomically designed. The front panel has a master volume control assignable to selected output channels, while the unit’s small size makes it easy to transport. For studio use, Prism Sound can supply dedicated rack mounts as an extra.

‘Lyra connects seamlessly with both Macs and PCs via a simple USB interface,’ says Sales & Marketing Director, Graham Boswell. ‘For recording professionals who don’t need eight channels of analogue I/O, Lyra is the perfect interface because it allows them to access Prism Sound quality in a convenient package and at an affordable price.

‘We know there is a market for Lyra because our customers have been demanding this product ever since we launched Orpheus. However, we are very protective of our reputation for delivering the highest possible audio quality so we were not going to bring any product to market until we were 100 per cent convinced that it could live up to our exacting specifications. Lyra does just that.’

Lyra 1 is priced at £1,349 plus VAT and Lyra 2 at £1,849 plus VAT. Both units will ship in November 2012.

More: www.prismsound.com

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