Solid State Logic has launched the first of a new generation of A-D/D-A converters for project studio applications.

SSL Alpha-Link MX convertersThe Alpha-Link MX range comprises two 1U-high units that can be used individually or combined to create larger systems. Each unit features 64 channel digital audio I/O via fibre optic Madi I/O that can be used to connect to any suitably equipped Madi device, including SSL MadiXtreme, MX4 and Delta-Link computer audio interfaces, or to cascade multiple MX units.

The Alpha-Link MX 16-4 has 16 analogue inputs and four analogue outputs, making it a 16 channel capture device with four outputs for artist and studio monitoring. The Alpha-Link MX 4-16’ has four analogue inputs and 16 analogue outputs for 16 channel analogue summing with four channels of audio capture.

Up to four MX units can be cascaded in any combination in a daisychain. In this way, systems with up to 80 analogue connections which are routable to a single 64 channel Madi in/out connection can be created. MX units have a switchable reference level to enable matching with the rest of your studio system, with a range of settings between +24dB and +14dB. Alpha-Link MX units are configured via a set of simple, intuitive front panel controls with status indicator LEDs providing clear status and level information.

Key features

· High-quality SSL A-D/D-A converter technology
· 64 channel fibre-optic Madi digital audio In/Out
· Alpha-Link MX 16-4: 16 analogue In, four analogue Out (balanced)
· Alpha-Link MX 4-16: four analogue In, 16 analogue Out (balanced)
· 44.1 to 96kHz operation with varispeed up to ±10%
  (192kHz operation will be available as a free firmware upgrade by 31/12/2012)
· Switchable reference level with a range of settings between +24dB and +14dB
· Dedicated tri-colour signal activity LEDs
· BNC Word Clock sync In/Out
· Rear panel analogue connection via standard 25 pin D-Sub

Alpha-Link MX units are available bundled with an SSL MadiXtreme 64 Mac or PC audio interface to provide a high-quality, low-cost pro DAW I/O solution.


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