Apollo interfaceUniversal Audio Apollo Quad FireWire 800 interfaces are DSP plug-in-powered audio interfaces that combine the Universal Audio UAD platform with high-quailty audio I/O, FireWire and Thunderbolt connection options, and near-zero latency live DSP effects routing.

Apollo Quad features an 18 x 24 FireWire configuration and compatibility with Intel’s Thunderbolt technology via an optional Thunderbolt card. High-resolution/high-contrast metering – from UA’s 2192 interface – is viewable at ‘nearly any angle’.

Apollo Quad interfaces combine UA analogue electronics with 192kHz, 24-bit conversion and onboard Realtime UAD Processing – allowing audio tracking with a range of UAD analogue emulation plug-ins from Neve, Studer, Manley and Lexicon among others.

Intel’s new Thunderbolt technology can be used via a user-installable dual-port Thunderbolt I/O Option Card (sold separately), Thunderbolt provides lower latency, reduced audio buffer size, improved performance and greater UAD plug-in instances than using FireWire.

Mic Preamplifiers:

  • Four high-resolution digitally-controlled analogue mic preamps
  • Front panel and software control of all preamp parameters
  • Switchable low cut-filter, 48V phantom power, 20dB pad, polarity inversion, and stereo linking

Audio Interface:

  • Sample rates up to 192kHz at 24-bit word length
  • 18 x 24 simultaneous input/output channels:
    • Eight channels of A-D conversion via mic, line, or high-impedance inputs
  • 14 channels of D-A conversion via:
    • Eight mono line outputs
    • Stereo monitor outputs
    • Two stereo headphone outputs
  • 10 channels of digital I/O via:
    • Eight channels ADAT Optical I/O with S/MUX for high sample rates
    • Two channels coaxial SPDIF I/O with sample rate conversion
    • Two FireWire 800 ports for daisy-chaining other FireWire devices
  • 32-bit and 64-bit device drivers

UAD-2 Processing:

  • DUO and Quad models featuring two or four SHARC processors
  • Real-time UAD Powered Plug-Ins processing on all of Apollo’s analogue and digital inputs
  • Same features and functionality as other UAD-2 devices when used with DAW
  • Can be combined with other UAD-2 devices for increased mixing DSP
  • Includes UAD Powered Plug-Ins Analog Classics bundle

The Apollo interface will be available in two versions, using the UAD Duo and UAD Quad DSP formats. Both versions of he Apollo offer a wide choice of analogue and digital connections – including FireWire as standard and an option slot for the new Thunderbolt protocol.

More: www.uaudio.com/apollo

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