Lewitt has released Connect 2, calling it ‘the most user-friendly audio interface’ for voice and instrument recording.

Connect 2’s touch-based user interface offers intuitive control with clear visual feedback, including mute functions for all inputs and outputs. Autosetup optimizes the unit’s set up, including integrated Clipguard, Denoiser, Compressor and three preamp sounds. A personal touch can be added with with individual LED colors and the Custom button for workflow shortcuts.

Lewitt Connect 2 recording interfaceThe Connect 2 interface offers touch-based capacitive controls for smooth level adjustments and precise visual metering. The touch wheel in the centre offers control of the microphone and instrument input, headphones and monitor levels. Each input and output can be muted directly on the device. The Autogain feature determines gain settings after a quick soundcheck, and the input/playback signal can be set at any ratio for zero-latency monitoring. The Custom button offers assignment one of many workflow shortcuts like quickly switching from a recording to a monitoring scenario or bringing up the Control Center with a single push.

Connect 2 has 72dB of gain to work with every microphone without a signal booster. Running Autosetup prompts the interface to guide users through a process to find optimum settings and sound. To refine the sound, Connect 2 offers three iconic preamp sounds – Clear for perfect clarity, Warm for a vintage vibe, and Vivid for extra articulation. The Clipguard protects from signal overload, the Denoiser analyses signal and gets rid of background noise, while the Compressor adds power and punch to voice. They all have in common the combination of simplicity and sensational sound.

The Hi-Z instrument differential input works with any guitar, from vintage single coils to active humbuckers. The ground break loop circuit offers enhanced hum immunity. As with the microphone channel, Connect 2 can automatically set the input gain after strumming electric guitar for a few seconds.

When recording and mixing, Connect 2’s Zero-Ohm headphone outputs ensure an accurate listening experience and retain the headphones’ frequency response. When using high-impedance studio headphones, the dedicated high-impedance mode will provide sufficient current to drive them. To save time looking for adapters, Connect 2 offers a headphone jack that comes in both sizes.

The loopback channel allows capture of playback audio of your computer. It runs on the DSP of Connect 2 and works independently from the software for streaming, recording samples and Zoom calls. With the available input channel mapping options and the dedicated streaming mode, Connect 2 can be used with streaming software, mobile devices and mobile apps.

Connect 2 comes with its own Control Center software that allows access to the full feature set and control of all parameters digitally. In addition to the Control Center software, Connect 2 includes licenses for Steinberg Cubase LE and Steinberg Cubasis LE. It is compatible with Mac, PC, and iOS.

More: www.lewitt-audio.com/connect-2

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