Digigram has launched Iqoya X/Link-MPX codec for delivery of an FM MPX composite signal to one or several transmitter sites.

Currently, most studio-to-transmitter links for FM transmissions rely on the transport of the baseband audio signal over IP networks. This requires the FM composite MPX signal to be generated at each transmitter site with devices such as sound processors and RDS encoders. Over the past few years, there has been a growing demand for the transport of the MPX signal to be generated within the studio, since it will help reduce the number of required equipment at the transmitter sites, optimise the global power consumption, and maintenance costs.

Digigram Iqoya X/Link-MPX codec The X/Link-MPX supports both analogue MPX and digital MPX AES192, allowing analogue-to-analogue, analogue-to-digital, digital-to-analogue, and digital-to-digital distribution of the MPX signal. Thanks to the optional µMPX compression, the cost of transportation is further reduced by using inexpensive network links.

Use of the codec reduces operational costs at transmitter sites, as sound processing and RDS encoding are centralised at the studio side. This reduces the maintenance costs as well as the power consumption at transmitter sites. The new X/Link-MPX also conserves network bandwidth thanks to the µMPX compression. In addition to this, bandwidth can be conserved by selecting a lower sampling frequency and/or bit depth in uncompressed PCM.

X/Link-MPX is based on the same hardware platform as the company’s Iqoya X/Link range. It also features two internal redundant power supply units and Forward Error Correction – redundant dual streaming with time diversity in PCM ensures that the transportation of IP streams is completely reliable and stable.

More: www.digigram.com

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