Black Lion Audio has announced the PG-2 power conditioner, offering 14 120V outlets.

The company’s earlier PG-1 Power Grid 1 rackmount power conditioner – also available as the PG-1 Type F variant offering ten 230V Europlug-compatible outlets – used PG-99 Filtering Technology to improve upon the typical average of 85 per cent performance found on comparable power conditioners.

Built using Panasonic and Wimi capacitors for their ability to eliminate high-frequency noise, PG-2 provides an average of 99.7 per cent noise filtering using the same PG-99 technology. Combining this with power absorption rating of 2,775 joules means that any connected gear is protected from any unsafe scenarios.

Black Lion Audio PG-2 power conditionerThe PG-2 features a bank of 12 switched, filtered, and surge-protected outlets on its rear panel arranged as three groups – Digital Audio Outlets (4), Analogue Audio Outlets (4) and High Current Outlets (4). The time-delayed Audio Outlets and High Current Outlets ensures that loudspeakers and power amplifiers are the last to power on and the first to power off, preventing the ‘pop’ that can occur if the loudspeakers are active when other equipment is switched on or off.

The front panel provides two filtered unswitched alongside a (5V, 1A) USB charger connection and status and alert capabilities – Voltage Monitor and Amperage Monitor metering for real-time analysis, as well as Ground OK, Wiring Fault, Clean Power On, Abnormal Voltage and Protection On LED status. An audio alarm also helps highlight Abnormal Voltage.

Front and rear panel XLR lamp connectors are available to ease setting up and fault finding.

PG-2 is available through Black Lion Audio’s network of dealers/distributors with an MAP of US$399 and an SSP of €399 (excluding VAT).


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