Sommer Cable has introduced the SC-Silver Stage microphone cable, using copper with silver alloy wire for high conductivity and consistent performance specs over long periods of time.

Unlike copper oxide, silver oxide is conductive but its electrical and mechanical properties can vary slightly over time, causing sonic tone colour to change. Some musicians and hi-fi aficionados find the sound of silver cable to be somewhat neutral, cool, or overly bright. SC-Silver Stage cable uses only tightly and concentrically stranded class 6N copper wire, which is then refined and smoothed with high-quality silver alloy. The result is a cable with long-lasting performance stability and one that can be assembled easily with silver solder and without electrical losses.

Sommer Cable SC-Silver StageSC-Silver Stage has a flexible, but robust outer jacket composed of temperature-resistant PVC that is fortified with advanced gas-foamed, smoothed wire insulation. This new cable has ‘an extremely clear, clean sound’ and suits use as high-class balanced connection cable for microphones, mixing consoles and patchbays, both in the studio and on stage. With 120Ω wave impedance, the cable easily performs within AES/EBU tolerances.

Sommer’s SC-Silver Stage cable is available both as bulkware or as ready-made lengths with XLR connection for immediate use.


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