Optocore has further upgraded its M-series Madi interfaces, making it compatible with DiGiCo mixing consoles and providing additional functionality.

Optocore M-08 and M-12 Madi interfacesM-series devices are now the principal means of plugging Madi streams directly into the DiGiCo loop to enable Madi streams to be input and output (other than DD-series and DiGiCo’s own devices). This includes the channel count recognised by the DiGiCo devices, which is identical to the channel count provided by the DD2FR-FX and DD4MR-FX.

The new version interfaces all benefit from Optocore’s DD-series at the same price point. This upgrade applies equally to the entire M-series, as all available channels can also be freely distributed through all Madi ports on any of the five M8 and M12 devices. For example, one show could use an M12-BNC/OPT, and provide one 64/64 Madi fibre port and two 32/32 Madi BNC ports, while for another show it could be two 64/64 fibre Madi.

‘The compatibility of the M-series, along with the ability to control Optocore preamps from the console, makes DiGiCo/Optocore systems by far the most effective solutions for essentially all installations,’ says Optocore Applications Engineering Manager, Maciek Janiszewski. ‘Furthermore, when not incorporated within the DiGiCo loop, M-series functions as standalone, full-capacity MADI routers; for example the M12 allows for routing of 512/512 channels at 48kHz.’

The new routers are shipping with immediate effect.

More: www.optocore.com

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