Following up the 2019 launch of Merging+Anubis Ravenna/AES67 hub, the opportunity presented by major international broadcasters looking to move operations to regional data centres linked by IP and the fact that Anubis was already ST2110 compliant, Merging has brought ST2022-7 compliance to the new Merging+Anubis SPS.

‘The original concept for Anubis was for a low-cost, extremely high-quality interface that would be at home in a studio, postproduction suite, or similar environment where a redundant network topology would not be anticipated,’ says Sales & Marketing Manager, Chris Hollebone. ‘The adapting of Anubis to fulfil certain roles, now and in the future, was anticipated and would be tailored by software.

Merging+Anubis SPS‘Providing SPS (Seamless Protection Switching) was a bigger challenge because this was a hardware issue. There needed to be a second RJ45 connection on the rear panel.’

The response from the Merging engineering team was development of a new product despite the additional challenge of sourcing components and dealing with global lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Discussions with key broadcasters revealed that discovery and control of IP sources is a major challenge and, although, when controlled via Aneman Anubis is capable of handling large numbers of Ravenna/AES67 audio streams, the overall network management compliance needed to be addressed. Anubis SPS also adds NMOS IS-04 (Discovery & Registration) and IS-05 (Device Connection Management) to its list of features, representing a major step forward in the easier integration into a complete IP infrastructure.

In addition, Merging is simultaneously launching its Merging Audio Device, a multi-ASIO driver (also with WDM support) that has an infrastructure option that supports ST2022-7, ST2110, NMOS and Virtual Machine control. This latter feature specifically recognises that centralised data centres and server-based installations are now the new normal way to manage the global nature of the broadcast industry in the most efficient way.

Merging is now offering a compact desktop controller/monitor with a host of other features that can interface with other NMOS compliant equipment and capable of monitoring Virtual Machines, all with full redundancy.

‘This provides a scenario where local production satellites can use Anubis SPS in their workflow and feed ST2022-7 back to the central resource, which is similarly equipped to receive the streams on the same equipment that is fully integrated into the VM environment,’ Hollebone says. ‘Furthermore, it should be remembered that Anubis is fully capable of monitoring all the immersive audio standards that are increasingly being incorporated into the broadcast workflow. The Anubis SPS and the MAD Infrastructure option cost just over $2,000 – which is remarkably reasonable for such a feature-rich combination.’

Recording opertains can also benefit from the second RJ45 connection, as the convenience of using Ravenna networks has been well proven and the amount of equipment needed for remote sessions has been drastically reduced. However, there has been the need to include a managed network switch even if you only had one stagebox. Now it is possible to go with a laptop, Anubis SPS and a Horus or Hapi. The second port is connected to a stagebox instead being the redundant path. For recording in high-resolution formats, Anubis SPS is also available in a Premium version, as is the regular Anubis that remains available for those who don’t need this facility.

A further addition to all Anubis products is a comprehensive parametric EQ with extensive filtering on all outputs. ‘This is another popular request and significantly enhances its role as the primary monitoring device on desktops everywhere,’ Hollebone says. ‘More Anubis features are planned over coming months, thereby protecting the investment of the early adopter.’

The Merging+Anubis SPS is now shipping with full ST2022-7 compliance. Iinitial deliveries have been made to dB Broadcast for installation at locations for a multi-national mass media company and a pan-European television sports network. A quantity of Anubis SPS units is also following the original Anubis to the world’s premier multi-national technical production partner as a key element of its remote production facilities.


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