CB Electronics’ XPatch-32 is a 32x32 digitally controlled, fully analogue audio patchbay routing system for audio professionals and aimed at streamlining workflow in demanding post and music studios.

CB Electronics XPatch-32The XPatch-32 system is controlled by our XPatch-32 program via USB, allowing complex routings in seconds. Create, store and recall routings from sessions. Any input can be sent to multiple outputs. The XPatch-32 design is based on the A-Mon/I-Mon and shares the I/O and CPU cards, allowing for input and output muting and even gain control.

The front panel is equipped with two XLR combo connectors for input XLR line-level/quarter-inch jack DI input, plus two XLR output for quick auditioning of equipment. Also included are quarter-inch jack for headphone monitoring of inputs and outputs, OLED display and encoder with push button for function selection. In addition, there is a quarter-inch jack socket for a switch to step through snapshots (presets).

Once configured, XPatch-32 can operate independently of the XPatch-32 program and host computer via the front panel encoder or foot-switch. By switching between snapshots, the foot-switch enables the XPatch-32 to be used as a powerful studio or live performance tool for musicians.

In any studio, the XPatch-32 can make it quick and easy to use your favourite new and legacy hardware effect’s units in a mix. The XPatch-32 is a versatile stand-alone analogue routing/switching system for on-stage boutique instrument processing or amplifier selection.

Key features:

  • 32x32 crosspoint routing.
  • Create, store/recall routings.
  • Any input can connect to multiple outputs.
  • OS-X/Windows compatible software.
  • Software/firmware updates via USB.
  • Eight channels of metering.
  • +4/-10dBm line level selection on every input and output.
  • I/O on db-25 connectors (Tascam format).
  • Unused I/O muted to minimise crosstalk.
  • Footswitch input for selection of snapshots (presets).
  • Load and save predefined signal paths.
  • TMC-1 or TMC-2 provides monitor control with electronic patch.

Due to ship in Q4 2019, XPatch-32 carries an introductory price of £1,800 (ex VAT) thereafter £2,000 (ex VAT).

More: www.cbelectronics.co.uk

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