Brainstorm Electronics has announced the DXD-8 and DXD-16 Universal Clocks, which feature a hybrid approach to sync design, incorporating a precision audio and video reference generator merged with a PTP grandmaster clock and GPS, designed to ease the transition to IP.

Brainstorm DXD-8 and DXD-16 Both units sport universal outputs supporting SD and HD video sync, word clock, AES and 10MHz, that allow the user to determine exactly how to configure sync distribution. Support for PTP and GPS the DXD keeps A/V legacy equipment  synchronised with a modern IP infrastructure. This can be in a new IP facility, even with a legacy island, or a legacy facility with an IP island. The hybrid approach greatly simplifies to move to IP. As a PTP Grandmaster clock, the DXD keeps a complete infrastructure locked to a single reference source.

Both the DXD-8 and DXD-16 can be remotely controlled via web browser. The DXD-8 features four reference generators, eight unique universal outputs, two external reference inputs and optional PTP, GPS and OCXO. The DXD-16 includes PTP so can act as a PTP Grandmaster with 4 independent Ethernet ports, six legacy reference generators, sixteen unique universal outputs, two external reference inputs, with optional GPS, OCXO and SDI.

‘New standards such as AES67 and ST2110, along with other technological improvements are changing production dramatically,’ Brainstorm Electronics President Bernard Frings explains. ‘IP is clearly the future but going all-IP is a huge change and demands major investments so many facilities are choosing a hybrid approach for a smoother transition. The DXD line was designed to meet the sync requirements of both environments by combining traditional legacy sync (word clock, AES black, video Black Burst or Try-Level sync) with IEEE1588 PTP (Precision Time Protocol) and GPS.’

Both units are available now, with the future proof PTP feature available Spring 2019 as an option for the DXD-8 and free upgrade for the DXD-16.


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