A new version of the Ravenna-to-SAP (RAV-2-SAP) conversion tool has been released and is available for download from the Ravenna website.

Ravenna RAV-2-SAP conversion tool Launched in late 2016, the RAV-2-SAP freeware conversion tool was designed to help connect Ravenna devices to other AES67 devices by providing a translation service between Ravenna and SAP announcements to enable the exchange of SDP data between otherwise incompatible devices. The new release delivers some important new features in addition to some minor bug fixes.

The most significant improvements are enhanced SDP Load & Save options – single SDP files can now be loaded from or saved to text files of any extension for greater flexibility. A further major enhancement is the ability to save and retrieve a complete list of locally created SDP announcements in a single operation. This means that complex set-ups can be saved and restored at any time with a few mouse clicks. A number of minor bugs have also been resolved, resulting in greater efficiency for building fully interoperable AoIP networks.

‘We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of downloads since it was first launched,’ reports Ravenna’s Andreas Hildebrand. ‘The last couple of months showed more than 300 downloads alone, and the Ravenna Virtual Soundcard was running at nearly 550 downloads for the same period – this clearly proves that people are increasingly deploying Ravenna networks in their IP set-ups and that tools and resources such as these are highly appreciated.’

The new version of the RAV-2-SAP application contains a link to the Ravenna resources page embedded in the logo on the main page for, one-click access.

More: www.ravenna-network.com

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