Dangerous Music has announced the Convert-AD+ A/D converter.

Dangerous Music Convert-AD+ A/D converter.The Convert-AD+ brings five innovations to stereo A/D conversion, covering dual stereo analogue inputs with front panel selection, a Clip Guard feature for removing clipping indication at destination meters (resulting in no rejections for CD Masters, Mastered for iTunes and Spotify), Meter Zooming technology to view the top 10dB of dynamic activity, an X-Former insert button that engages a pair of custom- implemented Hammond transformers, and an Emphasis function that uses a custom shelving EQ/compressor circuit to induce second-order harmonic distortion to add ‘mid-warmth and sparkle’.

‘It has long been our plan to create a complete round-trip system for tracking, mixing and mastering,’ says Dangerous Music founder, Bob Muller. ‘To reach that goal I asked our design team to develop a very special A/D converter to capture a performance at the tracking level, the essence of a mix, and the final master in the spirit of all our gear – sacrifice nothing to price-point and make the best sounding and most authentic A/D we have ever heard. I also wanted to shake up the existing A/D paradigm and give AD+ a creative edge – a flexible, switchable sonic tool that sounds cool and is as relevant on a vocal track as it is on a master. This is Chris Muth’s specialty, and in my opinion he wrecked shop.’

Key features:

  • Dual stereo analogue inputs with front panel selection.
  • 44.1kHz to 192kHz sample rate selection with Lock indicator.
  • Selectable Calibration for -14, -16 and -18dBFS.
  • Clip Guard.
  • Metering control.
  • X-Former integrates custom Hammond transformers
  • Emphasis shelving EQ/Compressor induces second-order harmonic distortion with engaged transformers.
  • Word Clock: Internal, External an Master settings.
  • Dual Stereo AES outputs.
  • Adat, SPDIF Optical and SPDIF coax RCA outputs.
  • Word Clock In/Out.
  • USB connection for Mac or Windows.
  • 3-Pin IEC auto-switching AC Power, 120V (US), 240V (Europe).

The Convert-AD+ is set for release in Q4 2017, with a street price of US$2,599.

More: http://dangerousmusic.com

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