German network fibre speacialist BroaMan has announced full automatic redundancy switchover between paired Mux22 devices, which combine 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O with Optocore and SANE digital audio networks, or between Route66 Video Router and Mux22 nodes.

BroaMan Mux22This feature is powered by Optocore, and uses smart mechanism to detect when one of the fibre links between the nodes is broken. Thus should one of links fail, the system will automatically switch to the redundant path enabling all videos, audio and data channels to remain working. The switchover time is near instantaneous – implemented in just one sample length. Additionally, the Route66 AutoRouter now hosts a new layout which supports internal multiplexing and redundancy switchover for video. In fact this feature is already working in one of the theatres in Eastern Europe.

While BroaMan always had a redundant PSU, redundant audio and data from Optocore and redundant sync switchover, this new feature combines them all, at the same time adding redundancy for video. ‘From more than 25 years’ experience working with fibre networks, we know that improper or dirty cabling might cause issues and therefore redundancy is a must in many situations,’ says BroaMan Technical Sales Manager, Maciek Janiszewski. ‘Thanks to the Optocore technology we can make the redundant switchover not only automatic but also seamless.’


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