BroaMan has announced a Mux22 BNC Intercom version of its Mux22.

BroaMan Mux22 BNC Intercom Conceived as a series of application engineered devices offering multiple signal support in a 1U-high chassis, BroaMan’s Mux22 combines 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O with Optocore and SANE digital audio networks, transporting video, along with audio and data, on a single duplex fibre. The new board allows the connection of up to eight intercom panels or matrix ports using coax cable in AES3id standard (a 75Ω BNC electrical variant of AES3). The coax connectors can be also used to interface with any AES3id device.

There are eight bi-directional AES BNC ports, each of which can handle two inputs and two outputs. Audio routing is possible between AES ports and any other audio interfaces provided by Optocore or BroaMan (such as analogue, Cat5 or copper AES and fibre or coax Madi).

In total, the 1U device features video; eight 3G-SDI channels; 16-inout/16-output audio; four GPIO or RS485 ports; Sync I/O; two LAN ports; two Sane/LAN ports; two Optocore links and a fibre tunnel for generic protocol. It can all be transported over a single duplex fibre to another Mux22 (point to point) or Route66 (network) device.

‘We’ve been supporting all major intercom manufacturers for many years, now, along with Cat5 and generic connectivity, we are offering AES/EBU on BNC interfacing,’ says BroaMan Technical Sales Manager Maciek Janiszewski. ‘This has been a frequently requested feature and we can happily say that now we cover all connectivity options with intercom systems. Further, thanks to the new card, we are able to provide a more robust, and very popular coax connector for digital AES3 signals to interface different audio products. This an extremely useful feature, especially for live production.

‘Finally, the new board allows us to pack even more audio channels in a very high density 1U Mux22 chassis.’


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