Kenton Pro CV to MIDIKenton Electronics has announced the Pro CV to MIDI, a unit that takes any analogue control voltage (CV) signal – pitch, pitchbend modulation – and converts it to Midi.

Aimed primarily at modular synth users, the converter is compatible with any CV-equipped instrument, from classic synth or analogue sequencers to s Theremins. It can be used to trigger a digital synth from an analogue keyboard, for example, or control a Midi module with that Theremin.

PRO CV to MIDI is a high-specification, fully configurable control voltage-to-Midi converter that tracks pitch control voltages with incredible accuracy. It supports the industry standard Volt/octave system, the 1.2V/octave system used by EML and Buchla, and the Hz/Volt system used by Korg and Yamaha. The unit also features pitchbend, modulation and non-quantised continuous tracking, and two user-assignable auxiliary CV inputs.

Pro CV to MIDI boasts a super fast response time and Kenton’s build quality. The high-spec 16-bit AD convertor enables rock steady pitch conversion, and the unit houses controls for selecting Midi channel, CV scaling system, or V-trig/S-trig gate types. Other features include auto tune, adjustable fine tune, transpose (up to ±24 semitones), adjustable pitchbend range (up to ±48 semitones), and clock-to-Midi conversion. Rear panel connections comprise CV/Gate and Aux inputs on 3.5mm mono jack sockets, and a Midi Out port. The non-volatile EEPROM memory does away with the need for a backup battery, and a plug top power supply is included.

PRO CV to MIDI is available now for £136.92 inc VAT.


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