OC White ProBoom UltimaOC White has consolidated its classic microphone arm ranges and announced an additional two ranges. The first of these, called the ProBoom Junior, is an entry-level mic arm range for lighter mics. The second, called the Ultima, is a modular range of mounts and booms for both screens and microphones.

The US-based manufacturer has combines the best features of the ProBoom Elite and ProBoom deluxe mic arms into a single new range now known as ProBoom Elite. The Elite range is fabricated from the highest quality components providing a strong, resilient range of boom arms in a variety of lengths. The spring tension within the arms is adjustable, enabling them to be configured to easily hold the largest and heaviest of studio microphones consistently over their entire reach whilst maintaining total balance and ease of positioning. The longest arms provide over a metre of reach and are engineered to be noiseless during adjustment while live.

The Elite range arms also provide a channel for the routing of cabling which has a press fit cap. This enables cables to be fitted and tidied away with no cutting and re-terminating required while all Elite booms also come in a choice of several finishes.

The ProBoom Junior mic arm range is designed for lightweight studio microphones and is offered at a lower price. As well as being aimed at smaller studios, hospital radio and community-based stations, the ProBoom Junior range can also be used in professional applications where a lighter microphone type is being employed.

The ProBoom Ultima is a modular system for mounting low-profile mic arms and computer monitor screens together within the same arrangement. Up to six screens can be mounted on a single pole system and combinations of Ultima mic arms can also be mounted on a single arm. As LCD screens become essential tools for broadcasters for everything from caller IDs and emails to tweets; the ability to display this information to presenters and guests without cluttering up limited desk space is crucial.

All OC White products are available exclusively in the UK from Preco (Broadcast Systems). Additionally all booms are now available with optional integrated illuminating On-Air LED indicators when purchased through Preco. It commissioned a specialist engineering company to make up fitments to their own designs and the resulting integral illuminating indicators are only available worldwide through Preco themselves.

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