Formed by Castor Milano and headquartered in Orlando, Florida, StageStrike has introduced a line of modular, stackable, inter-lockable organisation systems for wireless packs and handheld microphones for touring and corporate live sound operators. The system comprises the MiQb and the packHolder, patent pending stands and holders sourced from industrial 3D printing technology which allow fast product development cycles as well as user feedback generated updates.

StageStrike MiQb/packHolderAn industry veteran, Milano created the StageStrike system by, in his words, stepping out of his comfort zone in FOH mixing, as well as retaining a foot in the IEM world since designing the Da Vinci Series for Clear Tune Monitors.

‘Entering early 2022, by a twist of fate, I started mixing monitors,’ he says, explaining the roots of StageStrike. ‘I then got the opportunity to work as an A2 for a corporate event. Reflecting on my experience mixing monitors I took the job with confidence – little did I know that what I would be coordinating was six wireless handheld mics, eight wireless instrument transmitters and 16 in-ear mixes, 24 packs in tota. Not that this task poses any difficulty per se, it was just the deployment of that many units that freaked me out. I then  later on I learned that most RF techs have a whole table filled with a taped grid, and cute little aluminum trays and all that...’ 

Specialising in large-scale audiovisual services, corporate events, film and television production and live webcasting and broadcasting, the Christian Media Group (CMP) is a full-service production company headed by Jeronimo Terife. ‘StageStrike’s modular audio equipment management system has been a game-changer for CMG,’ he says. ‘With its versatile design, we can effortlessly customise layouts for various projects, optimising space and accessibility. The 3D printed audio equipment is impressive with its precision design, durable build and versatile adaptability, offering our technical team a compact work space that always looks neat and organised and also creates a good impression with our clients.’

In the live sound touring world, Eddie Caipo, who is mixing monitors for Enrique Iglesias on the Trilogy Tour, has been an early and avid adopter of StageStrike and currently uses 11 body pack holders and two MiQb stands. ‘Keeping my monitor world organised used to be a struggle,’ he says. ‘But now, with MiQbs and packHolders from StageStrike, my world is organised and neat.’


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