The launch of Prolifts TL-A150 and TL-A300 mean that the Spanish company now offers five systems for lifting line arrays, and has extended its catalogue of lifts to a total of 17 models.

TL-A300 Line Array liftThe TL-A150 lifts 150kg (331lbs) to a height of 5.3m (17.4-ft), while the TL-A300 lifts 300kg (662lbs) to 5.8m (19-ft).

Both lifts maintain compact features with the TL-A300 boasting a stowed height of 1.58m and includes the ALS (Auto Lock Security) system, a safety feature that automatically locks the lift masts as they rise. The two new lifts also have the new SRS (Sequence Retianer System) built-in to them. The SRS means that the sections of the lift rise and descend in sequence, one after the other.

The masts are manufactured from aluminium to keep the weight as low as possible. Steel outriggers and base as well as lateral support bars add further security and stability to the lift. The special design means that a line array can be loaded at half a metre from the lift’s main body enabling the array to be curved to achive the desired coverage angle. These lifts offers an ideal solution for rental companies looking to elevate their line array quickly and safely. The Spanish company claims that a line array can be rigged up and lifted in less than 15 minutes.

Also available in the TL-A line array series are the TL-A220 (220kg) and the TL-A320 (320kg) and TL-A450 (450kg).


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