Targetting YouTubers, sound designers, podcasters, vloggers and filmmakers, DPA Microphones has launched the 4560 Core Binaural Headset Microphone.

DPA 4560 Core Binaural Headset MicrophoneAt the heart of the 4560 Core Binaural Headset is a pair of 4060 Core miniature microphones mounted on two ear hooks and sitting just outside the user’s ear canal (like a pair of earbuds). The ear hooks are attached to a flexible headset that is simple to fit, comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to suit the dimensions of each individual head. Foam screens are supplied with the microphones to secure their position and offer damping of wind noise.

The 4060s can easily be worn as well as attached to recording gear, such as DPA’s MMA-A Digital Audio Interface and can be connected to any iOS-devices. ‘Recordings made with DPA’s 4560 Core Binaural Headset are so accurate that listeners often turn their head looking for the source of the sound,’ says DPA Product Manager, Rene Moerch. ‘Ideally, content recorded with this product should be listened to via headphones as one doesn’t get the same experience if the audio is played back over stereo speakers, but there are techniques that can provide corrections and upmix for stereo and multichannel formats, which makes this product useful for film recordists who want to gather content for atmospheric sound.’

Moerch adds that another useful feature of a DPA Binaural Headset Microphone is its ability to deceive because the microphone is so small that someone wearing the headset may look like they are only wearing headphones.

‘This can be very useful for people recording in hostile environments where it is not safe or appropriate to show a microphone,’ Moerch adds. ‘But even for normal podcasts, binaural recording provides content that is much more immersive, alive and compelling compared to traditional recording techniques.’


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