Roland XS Series matrix switchersThe XS Series is a new range of multi-format matrix switchers from Roland Systems Group, designed for events or fixed installation applications. It is an adaptable system offering high-quality integrated video and audio conversion and switching.

With a multi-format design, the XS Series features eight HDMI, RGB/Component/S-video/Composite inputs and up to four HDMI or HDBaseT outputs with built-in scalers to enable picture-in-picture, resizing, rotating and flipping. Audio can be embedded into outputs via eight stereo audio inputs (two mic) and/or HDMI audio, as well as de-embedded on output. Additional features include remote iPad control, EDID emulation for HDMI and RGB signal management and HDCP key master to maintain authentication information for each HDMI source.

The XS Series comprises three models: XS-84H (8-input/4-output), XS-83H (8-input/3-output) and XS-82H (8-input/2-output) and for a variety of commercial A/V applications, including boardrooms, lecture theatres, 4k switching to 1080p, digital signage, stadia, auditoriums and teleconferencing.

Using the Roland XS Remote app, the switchers can be controlled remotely with an iPad, via RS232C interface or over a network with a LAN connection. This remote control option is beneficial where front panel controls are not accessible or a programmable touch control interface is required.

With built-in audio DSP, the XS Series offers sound processing, with eight HDMI audio inputs and the ability to accept eight stereo analogue inputs. For audio level adjustment, detailed settings can be configured by remote control from an iPad or external controller. Volume levels can be monitored easily with a level meter display on each output. Two channels of the XS Series feature mic level audio input, while a ducking function can be used to lower the volume of other audio during mic input. Each audio input has an internal high-pass filter, four-band equaliser, noise gate/expander and compressor.

The video processing features of the Roland XS Series make multiscreen video production possible for both digital signage and live applications. A single image can be scaled across multiple displays using Span mode and then easily switched to a different image on each screen by choosing Matrix mode. Each input channel supports adjustments for scaling, positioning and aspect ratio before output ensuring the best possible result. The Preview Out function enables the user to check a video source before sending it to an output.

The XS-84 is capable of switching four video sources as a group enabling the use of up to two 4k inputs. The multi-format capabilities allow the user to switch 4k, HD, SD, XGA and other computer formats up to 1920x1200 (WUXGA).

For use in multiple applications, the XS series can switch between and route HDCP video from computers, smart phones, Blu-Ray, and even still images from its internal memory to displays. With up to four HDBaseT outputs available, high-quality, long distance transmission of audio and video content to displays throughout a venue or site can be easily achieved.

For teleconferencing applications, the XS series features four internal buses each for video and audio. The switcher can be used to create minus-one audio to feed directly into existing teleconferencing systems and to switch up to eight computer and video devices in both analogue and digital formats. An audio ducking function lowers other audio levels when mic audio is detected, for use in conference or boardroom environments.


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