Altinex has introduced the TP115-201/202 Video+Audio+IR+RS232 To Twisted Pair Transmitter/Receiver.

TP115-201/202Intended for transmitting video (computer or component), stereo audio (analogue or digital), RS232, and IR signals over a single Twisted Pair-type (Cat5) cable, the TP115-201/202 Transmitter/Receiver enable A/V integrators to re-use existing cable infrastructure – containing costs while providing an effective means of distributing signals up to 300-ft.

With their compact form factor, the units are well suited for installation where space is limited. The TP115-201 transmitter provides buffered local outputs for both video and audio – with the local video and audio output in the same format as the input. This enables the presenter, for example, to have a personal monitor and loudspeakers nearby while the audience views a larger display and listens through the house audio system. When a local monitor is connected, the TP115-201 passes the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) data from the monitor to the computer video source; otherwise Altinex’ built-in EDID data is passed to the video source, ensuring a proper signal match.

The TP115-201 and TP115-202 support analogue audio with RGBHV video and optical/digital audio with YPbPr component video. The TP115-202 receiver accepts the twisted pair signal from the TP115-201 transmitter and decodes the video, audio, and control signals for output to a projector, display, amplifier or speakers.

All relevant connectivity options are present. The transmitter has a 15-pin HD female connector for video input (RGBHV or YPbPr) and a 3.5mm optical mini jack for audio input. Local outputs use a 15-pin HD female connector for video and a 3.5mm optical mini jack for audio. The transmitter’s female RJ-45 output provides the main drive to the twisted pair cable that is accepted on the receiver’s female RJ-45 main input connector. The receiver also has a 15-pin HD female connector for video output (RGBHV or YPbPr) and a 3.5mm optical mini jack for audio output.

These latest generation devices enable IR (Infrared) or RS232 data to be transmitted bi-directionally. RS232 data transmission requires the construction of a simple three-conductor cable. IR transmission is achieved with the purchase of the optionally available AC301-110 IR Receiver and AC301-111 IR Emitter, which both connect to the control terminal block connector. The IR capabilities enable one to run their presentation either locally or from the display location. The TP115-201 and TP115-202 can be configured to transmit IR and RS232 data, though not simultaneously.

‘The TP115-201/202 Transmitter/Receiver are outstanding tools for addressing a variety of audio, video and data transmission issues in a presentation space,’ says Larry Drum, CTS, Altinex’ Regional Sales Manager for the Central US. ‘These latest generation devices use an patented technology developed by Altinex that enables the transmission and reception of fully equalised computer video signals and stereo audio signals over long distances. With an assortment of LEDs and an illuminated Altinex logo to provide visual feedback for operational status, this transmitter and receiver pair make a compelling choice to address a wide range of presentation space audio/video transmission challenges.’

The Altinex TP115-201/202 Video+Audio+IR+RS232 To Twisted Pair Transmitter/Receiver each carry an MSRP of US$445. MSRP for the AC301-110 IR Receiver is US$12 and the AC301-111 IR Emitter is US$12. The equipment is available now.


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