Gefen has announced two ‘breakthrough’ HDMI extenders with POL (Power Over Line) Technology.

Gefen Pro ELR ExtendersThe ELR (Extra Long Range) Extenders for HDMI with POL I and II offer extra long range extension of multiple signals up to 330-ft (100m) over one Cat5 cable.

Gefen POL technology is based on the Power over Ethernet standard, and enables delivery of power to a receiver unit using the AC power connected at the sender. Each receiver unit is equipped with an additional 5V output to power a supplemental product, such as a scaler, switcher or splitter at the display location.

The ELR Extender for HDMI with POL is intended for use in installations where power requirements are limited or AC power outlets are not viable at the receiving end, such as when mounting projectors on the ceiling. By reducing the Cat5 cable requirements from two to one, it also allows installers to tap into existing in-wall Cat5 type cabling for retrofitting.

HDMI resolutions of 1080p full HD, 3DTV support, audio, IR remote, RS232 control, Ethernet and power are all delivered over a single Cat5 cable to the remote location. Advanced HDMI features include 3DTV, deep colour, lip sync and audio delay. Both the IR backchannel and RS232 connection can be used to control the display from the remote location. Each receiver can be wall-mounted for added convenience.

An optional receiver unit equipped with one additional HDMI input allows users automatically switch between two HDMI sources, one connected to the sender, and the other to the receiver. Both HDMI sources can be alternately viewed at the remote location with auto switching, by IR remote, local front panel selection or RS232 control. When one source powers down, this receiver will automatically switch to the alternative source.

Both unit are rack mountable, come with a built-in internal power supply and are HDBaseT compliant.


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