Riedel Communications claims a ‘significant expansion’ of its RiCapture ingest solutions line with the launch of RiCapture i8, i44 and i84. Complementing the RiCapture i4, the new units offer increased channel density and/or UHD resolution, 8-bit and 10-bit support, expanded internal SSD storage, and adds a series of advanced functionalities to the RiCapture platform.

RiCapture platformWith the new SSE interface for scheduling, streaming and exporting, the RiCapture product line now provides a powerful and compact multichannel HD/UHD ingest recording and integration to postproduction. The SSE control application allows flexible configuration, letting users select between high-resolution DNxHD/R, H.264 or a combination of the two and includes audio-mapping and down-mix audio-listening capabilities. RiCapture offers maximum versatility to capture the recorded media locally, on removable storage, on network-attached storage, or to live-streaming destinations. It can be expanded to a network of multiple servers for higher-density recording and unlimited destinations with control from a single SSE interface.

The i4 and i8 provide four or eight HD HDR input channels, while the i44 and i84 boast four UHD channels with HDR capability. On the audio side, all RiCapture products are capable of 16 channels of embedded audio per channel, as well as 64 Dante or AES67 channels.

In all configurations, RiCapture offers high-quality recording in DNxHD or DNxHR along with H.264 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 encoding to the local storage. The local recording storage offers continuous loop recording for the captured content, with options to stream manually, stream with a scheduler, or clip and export files as needed from the available local storage to numerous streaming destinations.

There are three software add-ons available in the RiCapture line: the VDR panel, a web-based UI with expanded multichannel control for clip playback, programme delays, monitor wall playback and other scenarios; the RiView application, which is a multiviewer UI that includes audio down-mix monitoring for synchronized review of record feeds for review, clipping, and export to multiple destinations; and the XDCAM add-on, which provides the tapeless XDCAM format for HD video acquisition and storage.

‘As a complete suite for multichannel ingest recording capture and transfer to postproduction, RiCapture caters to a wide range of markets — from sports, concerts, and theatres to motion picture applications,’ says Riedel Communications Product Manager for Live Video Production, Bernard Stas. ‘Accommodating UHD resolutions and a variety of formats, such as 23.98 fps and 29.97 fps, the newly expanded RiCapture family sets the bar for high-quality ingest solutions at an exceptionally competitive price.’

More: www.riedel.net

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