Billed as ‘ultra-compact and filled with innovative technologies’, Roland’s VR-6HD Direct Streaming AV Mixer offers an all-in-one solution for everyday business livestreaming events with advanced features and versatile connectivity in a portable, go-everywhere format.

Roland%u2019s VR-6HD Direct Streaming AV MixerThe VR-6HD is intended for use on corporate meetings, online sales presentations, worship services and other professional streaming and video capture applications. It integrates video switching, audio mixing, and LAN/USB streaming encoders into a single streamlined unit, eliminating the need to connect multiple devices, and enabling a lone operator can handle all production tasks with minimal study.

The VR-6HD supports connection of multiple cameras and computers via HDMI for different views, and accommodates robotic PTZ cameras to remotely change angles. Users can quickly assign and switch among sources on the fly, including live HDMI inputs, presentation decks, still images and video clips. It is also possible to create custom feeds for live and online viewers by assigning composition layers to multiple buses.

The unit supports HDMI and can combine six HDMI sources in Full HD with a range of broadcast and cinematic frame rates and colour spaces. Built-in scalers with EDID and HDCP support provide source integration with computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, and legacy 4:3 devices.

Still images can be called up during transitions between presenters, display graphics, and PNGscan be used to create dynamic lower thirds. The integrated video player offers triggering of video clips directly from the SDXC card, with no need to connect an external playback device.

The onboard effects engine features five composition layers that can be assigned to the Program, Sub-Program and Aux outs, with up to two picture-in-picture windows and one downstream key layer, with transparent PNG and external key support.

The video matrix provides three HDMI outputs, a USB-C streaming output, and an Ethernet streaming output. This allows feeds to be directed to programme displays, auxiliary monitors, multi-view producer displays and an online audience simultaneously, along with a clean output for recording the presentation to an SDXC card.

The audio provision supports 28 simultaneous channels and Roland’s sound mixing features. Comprehensive EQ and dynamics processing is provided on every channel, complete with preset libraries. Problem-solving tools include audio sync alignment, de-essing and noise suppression. It’s also possible to play back stored audio during streams with quick touches on the panel.

The VR-6HD offers analogue audio connectivity via six balanced XLR/TRS combination jacks and high-quality mic preamps with phantom power. Stereo RCA inputs are available for audio players, electronic instruments and other line-level devices, and can be mixed with the embedded digital audio from sources connected to the HDMI and USB inputs. Onboard Bluetooth allows streaming of wireless audio from any mobile device.

Roland VR-6HD Direct Streaming AV MixerTwo aux audio buses allow unique mixes for a variety of applications – a monitor system for presenters while livestreaming a specialised mix that’s independent of the in-person programme, for example. Versatile routing allows free assignment of the mix and aux buses to the two stereo XLR outs, RCA stereo output, USB and stream/record outputs or HDMI outs.

Four-band EQ and dynamics processing are provided for each input and output, and high-quality reverb is available for music and special effects. Further audio tools provided include automatic anti-feedback for stage mics and adaptive noise reduction to suppress background noise and hum.

With the VR-6HD’s Audio Player section and six assignable pads, press, an operator can trigger sound effects, event announcements, countdowns for eSports, or theme songs for presenters

The VR-6HD’s LAN streaming capabilities allow direct connection to Twitch, Facebook and other platforms without the need for a computer. The Adaptive Bitrate function monitors the quality of the network connection and automatically adjusts the streaming rate to reduce interruptions due to bandwidth issues. An adjustable Safety Delay is also available.

The onboard recorder allows an event to be recorded to an SDXC card and provide an H.264 MP4 video file for editing and distribution. Stereo WAV audio can also be recorded independently for podcasts and other audio-driven media. It’s also possible to capture still images to internal memory from any video output bus and save them to the card for later use.

Storing and recalling custom looks is accomplished with 32 scene memories and advanced effects engine that work together to provide seamless changes, including synchronising the transition of all composition layers at the program output. The 100 macros go even deeper, allowing building and execution of complex action lists that include switching, DSK on/off, audio mixing adjustments, PTZ camera movements

The onboard sequencer allows scene memories and macros to be created for accurately timed cues. Up to 1,000 steps can be recorded in the sequencer, each step able to include both presets and macros. When switching of audio and video are required to be simultaneous, the automated video switching and audio mixing features in the VR-6HD make a complicated task simple.

The VR-6HD supports extended workflows with dedicated software apps and a variety of remote devices.


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