Tascam has announced the CA-AK1 conversion adapters for its CA-XLR2d Series XLR Microphone Adapter for Mirrorless Cameras. The CA-AK1 adapter allows one CA-XLR2d to connect to cameras from various manufacturers. By replacing one’s existing CA-XLR2d adapter with the CA-AK1, users have more options for connecting to a greater assortment of cameras.

Tascam CA-AK1 conversion adaptorsThe new CA-AK1 conversion adapters are available in three varieties – the CA-AK1-C shoe mount adapter for use with Canon cameras and the CA-XLR2d-C; the CA-AK1-F shoe mount adapter for use with Fujifilm cameras and the CA-XLR2d-F; and the CA-AK1-AN cold shoe mount adapter for an analogue connection with the CA-XLR2d-AN.

The CA-AK1-C and CA-AK1-F adapters enable professional audio via Tascam microphone preamplifiers to interface with mirrorless Canon and select Fujifilm cameras. The CA-XLR2d-AN for Nikon cameras is an analogue unit. With the new CA-AK1-AN cold shoe mount adapter, Nikon cameras (and those from other manufacturers that are equipped with an analogue input) can be used using an audio cable from the CA-XLR2d-AN analogue out.

‘The CA-AK1 adapters are a terrific choice for photographers and videographers to get greater use from their CA-XLR2d Series investment,’ says Tascam Director of Product Marketing, Paul Youngblood. ‘Whereas the original CA-XLR2d Series units were designed for specific camera models from Canon, Fujifilm, and Nikon, the new CA-AK1 adapters make it easy to expand the number of cameras one can use with high-quality audio capability.

‘With these new adapters, a person who has been using the CA-XLR2d with a Canon camera can, for example, purchase the new CA-AK1-F shoe mount adapter and easily connect it to a Fujifilm camera. Since most professional photographers and videographers typically have more than one camera, these new adapters open the door to more creative options.’

The new conversion adapters ship with connector and interface connector covers, two adapter attachment screws, an owner’s manual including warranty, and safety instructions. The CA-AK1-AN cold shoe adapter ships with an interface connector cover, two adapter attachment screws, paperwork and safety instructions.

The Tascam CA-AK1 conversion adapters are expected to be available in Q4 2022.

More: www.tascam.com

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