Neyrinck has added support for Logic Studio 9, Logic Express 9, Cubase and Nuendo to v1.2 of its iPad V-Control Pro mixing and remote recording app.

Logic Studio 9 screenV-Control uses Wi-Fi to connect an Apple iPad to a Digital Audio Workstation, allowing multi-touch gestures to control transport, editing and mixing functions or to wirelessly record and engineer a track from anywhere within a recording studio. V-Control provides a familiar user interface for each DAW to form portable extension to a workstation.

Unlike previous versions, which only used the HUI communication protocol, v1.2 of V-Control also incorporates the more sophisticated OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol, giving Logic 9 users advanced controller features at a price-point that is significantly cheaper than with equivalent hardware. Version 1.2 also provides the best and easiest control of Cubase and Nuendo by providing a familiar user interface and powerful automation, loop, EQ, and plug-in control. And now that V-Control Free is available, users can can access basic, easy-to-use DAW control at no cost.

‘When we learned that Apple was supporting the OSC protocol in Logic 9.1.4, we abandoned our original plan to use Logic Control protocol,’ says Paul Neyrinck, President and founder of Neyrinck. ‘That added a lot of development time and delayed v1.2, but we knew it would be worth it. Older protocols such as Logic Control force an iPad app to perform like low cost hardware. But Logic’s OSC protocol provides a modern, deep amount of control that matches our design philosophy to make the app look and feel like the app it is controlling. Now we can make V-Control provide advanced controller features at a fraction of the cost of hardware control surfaces.

‘We are excited about bringing V-Control’s power and elegance to Cubase and Nuendo users,’ he adds. ‘Other DAW controllers look completely different than the software being controlled and force you to adjust your thinking to a different user interface. With the iPad’s high resolution graphic display, we can make V-Control a seamless extension to the DAW which enhances creativity and reduces fatigue.’

Rather than being tied to the PC while laying down tracks using Logic 9, Cubase or Nuendo, V-Control Pro uses the iPad’s touchscreen functionality and Wi-Fi to remotely access the DAW’s controls while recording in a vocal booth, adding tracks in a live room, building soundscapes on a Foley stage or reviewing on the studio sofa.

Logic features:

-       Uses OSC protocol
-       Dedicated automation controls per track.
-       Eight character track names.
-       Fader caps with an embedded db display value.
-       High resolution pan and send level displays.
-       Marker navigation.
-       Input monitor switch for every track.
-       Sends editing for sends 1-8.
-       Clear-all mute and solo controls.
-       Full transport control.
-       Window show/hide buttons.
-       Jog/scrub pad control.
-       Screenset buttons
-       Group suspend button.

Cubase and Nuendo features:

-       Dedicated read and write automation buttons for every track.
-       Read All and Write All automation controls.
-       Two dedicated soft keys for command trigger.
-       Sends editing for Sends 1-8.
-       Left and right location controls.
-       Keypad for locating playback.
-       Input monitor switch for every track.
-       Jog/scrub/shuttle pad control.
-       Window show/hide buttons.
-       Full transport control.
-       ‘Clear-all’ mute and solo controls.

V-Control Pro v1.2 app for iPad is available now from the Apple App Store.


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