PAcalculate version 1.3.2 now includes RCF systems alongside 27 calculators, reference information and utilities on Android and iOS apps for sound reinforcement and lighting professionals.

PAcalculate v1.3.2The new version boasts in-line and broadside subwoofer array calculators – the former for simulation of end-fire and gradient arrays, including an obscure four-element topology originally proposed by Harry Olson, while the broadside section features independent mechanical and electronic arcing and steering, with the possibility of adding a gradient line, or several end-fire lines, a subwoofer configuration used to achieve wide uniform subwoofer coverage with reduced stage leakage.

Frequency response graphs (front-to-back ratio as well as multi-angle responses), an isobar display, polar plots and coverage maps provide a comprehensive set of graphics for an insightful analysis of design alternatives.

Up to 96 elements (sound sources) can be simulated, 48+48 in LR mode. A table is displayed with coordinates and settings (delay, polarity) that can be emailed for reference. A footer alerts the user if the specific configuration requires delay tuning on top of the results calculated (such as for gradient arrays).

The dedicated tool makes obtaining results quick and easy. As an example, comparing electronic and mechanical steering requires entering the angle in the rotation input field of the broadside array calculator to get results for the former, and then clicking on a radio button to switch to results for the latter.

The straightforward user interface also encourages ‘what if’ experimentation, such as trying different toe-out angles in left/right deployments. Settings can be combined such that the user could, say, simulate a LR arrangement with two broadside arrays that are arced electronically (using delay) but also steered mechanically and complemented with a gradient line.

PAcalculate is available from the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

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