With the release of its Jupiter v2.0 software, Symetrix has provided web-based control via Arc-Web.

Symetrix Jupiter v2.0Arc-Web is an Ajax/HTML5 standards-based web app that mimics the functionality of Symetrix’ menu-driven wall panel remotes, the ARC-2 Series. Arc-Web is compatible with popular web browsers, operating systems and devices, including iPhone/iPad and Android.

‘It’s no secret that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are hot technology right now, especially the iPhone and iPad from Apple,’ says Trent Wagner, Senior Product Manager. ‘In other industries, it is quickly becoming expected that remote-controllable products will be accessible from these devices. We see the advantages – there is no longer a need for a user to purchase a separate hardware remote control as their audio system resides comfortably within the rest of their expanding digital universe. Imagine updating food stocking orders, posting the latest special to Twitter, and changing the input source or volume for your restaurant’s sound system all from the palm of your hand.’

Although mobile device access was the primary reason for developing Arc-Web, any computer with network access can act as an ARC remote. For some users, this may be a more intuitive control option, and it will be less expensive than a hardware solution provided the devices and network infrastructure already exist on site.

The list of supported operating systems and browsers is already extensive and will continue to grow. They include Apple’s iOS v3.2+ for iPhone and iPad; Android v1.6+; Internet Explorer v8.0+ for Windows XP+; Safari v5+ for Windows XP+ and Mac OS X 10.5+; and Firefox v3.6+ for Windows XP+ and Mac OS-X 10.5+.

‘For Apple’s popular iOS devices, the Arc-Web is fully web app enabled,’ says Wagner. ‘A user may save the Arc-Webs to Springboard, where Arc-Web’s icon appears alongside regular iOS apps. Arc-Web launches in full screen mode complete with custom splash screen, so it looks and feels like a native app. Moreover, Arc-Web uses Portrait and Landscape auto-rotation on mobile devices running iOS or Android. Client auto-detection ensures that Arc-Web displays appropriately for every permutation of browser and operating system.’

Up to four Arc-Web instances are available for each Jupiter hardware device. ‘That means you essentially have four separate remote interfaces, each with its own specific, customised programming,’ Wagner explains. ‘Users can pull any number of them up for simultaneous use. Security may be enabled or disabled for each of the four Arc-Web instances with each instance having a unique username and password. This makes it easy to assign access for specific controls to only those users who should have access. Just like other Symetrix Arc devices, Arc-Web devices are configured with the intuitive External Controller Wizard, which provides integrators with a guided step-by-step process.’

More: www.symetrix.co
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