TC Helicon has released v1.2 of its VoiceJam ‘an iPhone, iPod and iPad app. With an In-app purchase feature of the HardTune pitch correction effect, and new features, TC reckons the app is ‘ set to allow vocalists to loop, layer and record more exciting and more professional recordings’.

VoiceJam 1.2 uses the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch’s built-in microphone or external microphone to record and layer sound onto an evolving loop. Users can add the HardTune pitch correction effect as an In-App purchase (via the ‘info’ icon), providing an emulation of TC-Helicon’s VoiceTone C1 vocal stompbox. As well as auto pitch correction, this allows ‘extreme gender-bending’ – male-to-female transformations and vice-versa.

TC Helicon VoiceJam v1.2New features include:

· Input metering – Singers can be sure they’re singing at ideal volume levels by watching the colour of the input waveform.
· Shots mode –instantly re-triggers loops, like samples on a drum pad.
· Live Performance Flyover – includes the new loop mixer to non-destructively tweak the level of each loop and other controls.
· SoundCloud – allows high-quality uncompressed recordings to be uploaded and shared.
· Share an idea – the opportunity to share new feature ideas directly with TC-Helicon’s development team.

· In-app purchase – enables vocalists to buy pro-quality vocal effects from TC-Helicon’s stompbox effect pedals range, starting with the C1 HardTune pitch correction effect.

‘This version of VoiceJam significantly builds upon its greatest achievement: creating amazing music from scratch, with nothing but your phone or mobile device,’ says TC-Helicon Product Manager, Tom Lang. ‘The addition of In-App purchases of vocal effects from the stompboxes I love is really going to open things up for singers out there. We’re excited to see a lot of extremely creative audio tracks and videos being shared by our users on SoundCloud and YouTube in the coming months. ‘

The VoiceJam v1.2 upgrade is freely available to existing users via the Apple app store. 
 For a real-time product demo video and product details, visit the TC Helicon website.


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