TSL Products and windshield specialist Cinela have announced the Piani-SPS200 – calling it ‘the ultimate virtual reality recording package’.

TSL/Cinela Piani-SPS200The two companies have previously worked together on a short-body version of TSL Products’ SoundField SPS200 Ambisonics microphone with Cinela’s Zephyx windshield to offer a portable, robust and reliable recording system. This latest project that enables surround sound and VR content creators to capture high-quality, immersive sound with the minimum of handling and wind noise.

The Piani-SPS200 comprises TSL Products’ SoundField Standard SPS200 mic slotted into the Cinela Pianissimo windshield, which contains flexible inner extensions using SoundField’s original connectors, maximising the isolation of vibration and noise handling. Users can purchase each element separately and need only connect them via the regular extension provided with the microphone, near the swivel.

The SPS200 Software Controlled Microphone uses the same established SoundField multi-capsule technology as the high-end models in the SoundField range, and can capture SoundField B-Format, surround and stereo simultaneously. This lightweight microphone (approx 220g) is powered by standard 48V phantom power and incorporates four low-noise, studio-grade condenser capsules.

The Cinela Pianissimo windshield is designed for the new generation of short shotgun microphones and coincident stereo, surround sound combinations, and mics shorter than 21cm. It integrates the ‘floating basket’ design pioneered by Cinela, with full-cage isolation to reduce vibration and handling noise, achieved with four flexible ‘U’ isolators installed around the cage, and a rubber bellows at the bottom of the cage to ensure flexibility and keep any wind out.

‘As Virtual Reality continues to grow in popularity, users will expect the highest quality to keep them believing in their virtual environment,’ says Cinela’s Philippe Chenevez. ‘We believe that the combination of the SoundField SPS200 and the Pianissimo windshield is an ideal solution to create the immersive sound needed for VR.’

TSL Products SoundField SPS200 is available via TSL Products Commercial Network, while Piani-SPS200 is available via Cinela.

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