The Townsend Labs Sphere L22 microphone system models the characteristics of sought-after large-diaphragm condenser microphone classics, and allows selection of different mic characteristics and patterns after tracking. Models include the Nuemann U47 (with VF14 tube), U67 and M49, and AKG C12.

The Sphere system comprises a high-precision, dual-channel microphone which, when paired with the Sphere DSP plug-in (UAD, VST, AU, AAX Native), models the response of a wide range of mics, including transient response, harmonics, proximity effect and three-dimensional polar response. Sphere’s three-dimensional approach captures the spatial nuances, proximity effect and off-axis frequency response of a wide range of microphones.

The Sphere system employs the custom designed, high-resolution, dual-channel L22 large-diaphragm condenser microphone, which captures a three-dimensional soundfield in detail. Using Dual Mode in the Sphere plug-in, it is possible to do phase coherent mixing of multiple virtual mic models from the same physical microphone before or after, tracking. It is also possible to adjust the relative phase alignment of the two mics with the Align control.

The system also eliminates need to move a microphone solely because of too little or too much bass due to proximity effect, allowing it to be used for punching in a vocal, even if the distance from the mic is different from take-to-take.


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