Sanken Chromatic CU-51Sanken Microphones has introduced the CU-51 cardioid condenser model as part of the Sanken Chromatic range of professional studio mics. The CU-51 is primarily a music microphone, unique to Sanken, that ‘addresses the general desire to limit the sonic changes in position to level only’.

The CU-51’s unique dual-capsule design provides an exacting cardioid pattern for vocals and a wide range of musical applications. Its ability to accommodate extremely high SPLs ensures distortion-free response when recording instruments with wide dynamics. The mic has a very low proximity effect and its frequency response is claimed to be truly flat at 90°.

A special characteristic of the CU-51 is its ability to maintain uniform response in both on-axis and off-axis positions. The benefits of larger diaphragms are generally accepted, but previous designs typically exhibit limited high frequency response. Current methods to remedy that limitation also bring compromises, including a varying response with the off-axis angle.

The tone and response of the CU-51 remains consistent through changes in the axis angle while maintaining the benefits of a large capsule design.

The CU-51’s double capsule has one diaphragm that is optimised for low frequencies, while the other one captures the higher frequencies. To achieve this overall wide dynamic response, the capsules are individually positioned within the body of the microphone. The unique capsule mounting arrangement guarantees phase coherency between the two capsules in a meticulously engineered microphone that achieves totally transparent high-resolution results. The PPS (Polyphenylene) membranes are immune to the effects of humidity and temperature change, resulting in consistent response, regardless of the recording environment.


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