Royer R-101Royer Labs has announced the R-101, a ribbon microphone with high SPL handling and extremely low residual noise.

The R-101 is intended for both studio and live sound reinforcement applications. It offers high-level performance for a wide range of miking tasks at a 'compelling' price point.

The latest offering from the US ribbon mic specialist, the R-101 claims technological advancements pioneered by its manufacturer. Among these is the microphone’s multi-layered wind screening against protection from air blasts and plosives, and providing protection for the microphone’s ribbon element. This screening system also reduces proximity effect, facilitating closer miking with less bass buildup (proximity effect). The element’s smooth frequency response and phase linearity, coupled with higher sensitivity levels than ‘classic’ ribbon microphones, promises 'analogue warmth' when miking electric guitars, brass instruments, and drums. The R-101’s fig-8 pattern also makes it well suited to room miking applications.

The R-101 incorporates Royer’s offset-ribbon technology and a low mass, 2.5-micron aluminum (99.9% pure) ribbon element. The ribbon transducer’s flux-frame and rare earth Neodymium magnets create a powerful magnetic field which increases sensitivity while reducing stray magnetic radiation.

The offset-ribbon design of the R-101 positions the ribbon element towards the front of the microphone body, allowing for higher SPL handling to the front of the microphone and the option of a brighter response when recording lower SPL sound sources on the microphone’s rear side. This approach results in the R-101’s ability to handle 135dB SPL @ 30Hz.

There are no internal electronics to overload or produce distortion up to the microphone’s maximum SPL rating and the ribbon element is not affected by heat or humidity. Equally significant, the extremely high quality of both the R-101’s manufacturing and its components results in an absence of high frequency peaks, ‘ringing’ and phase shifts, and enables the  microphone to exhibit extremely low residual noise.

‘This microphone employs some noteworthy manufacturing qualities, including the absence of nickel or black chrome plating,’ says Rick Perrotta, President of Royer Labs. ‘We decided to employ a high-quality epoxy finish that is extremely durable and is environmentally friendly. We also incorporated an entirely new multi-layered wind screen design that provides better protection for the element, and we’ve included a shockmount, which can be a rather pricey accessory. Further, we designed the R-101 to exhibit less proximity effect, enabling people who may not be accustomed to using ribbon mics to achieve excellent results. All of these factors contribute to a very capable microphone that addresses those customers who may not be in a position to spend more than a thousand dollars.’

The Royer Labs R-101 Ribbon Microphone ships with a heavy-duty protective carrying case, a suspension-type shock mount, and a mic sock, and will be available in early September, 2010.


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