Neumann has announced the V 402 – the mic meisters’ first-ever stand-alone microphone preamp.

Neumann V 402 microphone preampAlthough the company has created several generations of preamp modules for its mixing consoles (such as the V 476 B of the 1980s), the V 402 preamplifier is conceived as ‘the perfect complement to all Neumann and other high-class studio microphones’.

The V 402 is a dual-channel microphone preamplifier designed to maintain the sonic integrity of the original signal. Its transformerless circuitry amplifies the microphone signal without unwanted colouration or sonic artifacts, such as noise and distortion. It has switchable high-pass filter and a 20dB pad allows the V 402 to allow use with high-level sources up to 28dBu without distortion. The V 402 comes in a 2U-high 19-inch rack enclosure measuring 89mm x 483mm x 242mm. The V 402 is equipped with a studio grade headphone amplifier ensuring uncompromised monitoring quality at the recording stage. Independent volume controls for each channel allow to dial in a latency-free monitoring mix without affecting the recorded signal.

‘It took an elaborate development process with extensive series of measurements and critical listening tests to create a preamplifier worthy of the Neumann name,’ comments Portfolio Manager, Sebastian Schmitz. ‘And we’ve included the monitoring side, too. The V 402 establishes a fully transparent signal chain extending from the microphone all the way to the engineer’s ear. Finding the best microphone position has never been easier.’

‘All Neumann microphones, classics as well as current models, have highly unique sound characteristics’, adds Ralf Oehl, the Berlin company’s new CEO. ‘Finding a preamplifier with the matching uncompromised sound fidelity wasn’t always easy – until now. The V 402 provides the ideal signal path for all Neumann microphones because it is free from any coloration whatsoever. No artificial additives could make the sound of a Neumann U 47 or U 87 more desirable than it already is.’

Delivery starts in July 2020; the MSRP is €2,749.

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